• LCD Projection

We have access to a variety of projection systems depending on your production needs.  We’ll get the right projector that is bright enough and large enough for your audience and guests to see.  We’ll also accompany it with the proper screen, some which come with a nice draping to hide the legs and stands.

Get your message out with new life and cutting edge graphics.  We’re highly skilled at creatively using Power Point to make impressive and memorable presentations and slide shows.  If you have a preference, we’re also very familiar with Prezi and Keynote.

We have various service options for your needs.  Whether a simple cover design, an animated logo, a full template design, creative and effective slide transitions, etc.  Contact us to let us know what you need and we’ll gladly provide a custom estimate.

  • Flat Panel Displays

Greet your guests with a video message, an animated logo or graphic symbol, a video slideshow, or display information about your event such as the program, sponsors, and other content you’d like to communicate.  Flat panel displays offer better visibility than projectors during the day or in highly lit areas.