Motion Lighting

Let the music speak through a wondrous light show with our moving head lights.  They are commonly used to enhance a stage or a dancefloor experience by making the lights pan around to the beat of the music with a variety of colors and shapes.  With multiple moving heads you can achieve creative patterns, chasing, and strobing effects.  We can set the lights with basic motion effects or further customize the lights to your program/timeline by setting cues and using DMX intelligent lighting control.


Illuminate your space with uplighting.  These LED light units are commonly setup on the floor against walls, columns, alcoves, and other areas that can be highlighted with a solid beam of light.  Choose a color to match your decor or to set the mood for different portions of the program.  When dancing and celebration begins, they can be programmed to the beat of the music with fading, chasing, strobing, and other effects.

Gobo Lighting

Leave a shining mark as guests see your name, initials, brand, or symbol lit up on a wall, dance floor, entrance.   Gobos are special discs with cutouts placed in a bright LED spot light which can be zoomed and focused to project patterns and certain designs on various surfaces.  We can work with you to design and create your custom cutout or use a standard pattern to add texture to walls.