What kind of events do you do?

Weddings, special celebrations, professional engagements, fundraisers, fashion shows, galas, award programs, private parties, small business & corporate events.

Is it necessary to meet?

Many times it won’t be necessary to meet.  Our online client planning tools make it easy to help you provide us with details of your event and setup timeline of the program.   Email and phone communication will help quickly address your needs so you can continue feeling excited for your upcoming memorable event.

We’ve worked at several venues and we contact them directly to discuss unloading/access and to provide insurance certificates and other documentation as required.  Many of our services are offered in packages so we can determine the best types of gear/equipment to accommodate the space.  We obtain layouts and other information from the venue to confirm our requirements and further plan our setup.

What music do you play?

We play whatever you want and can make suggestions on what’ll work best for certain occasions taking into consideration you and your guest’s tastes. We online planning tools help you choose the music you want and organize it by Must Play, Play if Possible, or Do Not Play! We’ll then prepare playlists and have it ready for your DJ.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have a $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 coverage. We can gladly provide a copy of our certificate directly to the venue’s contact so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

How far will you travel?

Based in Miami, we mainly focus on servicing South Florida.  For services beyond our main coverage area, a small travel fee may be incurred.  Depending on production needs, timeline, and amount of equipment additional costs may also be considered.  Further options can be discussed.  Contact us and we’ll figure out costs to ensure our quality services can reach your location.

What do you charge?

Price varies according to date, venue size & location, number of guests, and program cues. For wedding services, check out our packaged deals and options here.  For custom events, we’ll ask a few more questions to fully understand your event and determine the appropriate budget to professionally achieve your production goals.

Is a deposit required?

Like most other services you will contract for your event, a deposit will be required in order to reserve your date and secure all equipment and services.  Our retainer fee is usually only 50%.

Do you emcee?

We’re capable of making any introductions and announcements you may request from us, but our DJs and engineers speak best through sound and lighting. Creative technology allows us to provide modern and smooth transitions for your event, such as changing tempo and energy of the music and switching from warm to cool lighting. We’re also open to discuss other ideas to get messages to your audience with minimal talking from us and more time enjoying your program.

Do you wear certain attire?

We like to maintain a professional look but can stylishly blend with your audience.  Whether a formal event, a business function, or a casual activity, we’ll suit the part accordingly.

How early will you arrive?

According to the specifics of your event, we will arrive 1 – 4 hours before start time to setup and power on. Teardown usually takes 1 – 3 hours, depending on weather and evacuated space.