Musical Style – With the eclectic style South Florida provides, our DJs maintain the latest music in an international spectrum. Focusing on the mix and flavors that various cultures influence on the beautiful night life, our extensive musical experience matches the need for any engagement. From providing background music for the right mood, to highlighting certain cues for the evening, to celebrating the grand occasion that brings your guests together, Optimal Sounds has the right fit for your engagement.

Sound Systems – Audio quality and sound dispersion are very important to us. We’ll ensure the right amount of coverage is provided so your guests are clearly engaged. We have various sound systems for all room sizes and some with additional capabilities to mic up a guitar player, jazz trio, violinist, or a full band. We have well trained and experienced sound engineers that can tweak the sound and enhance the dynamics. Our equipment is neatly dressed and can be lighted to blend in with your decor.  For safety, all cables are taped and hidden carefully.

Impressions – Looking the part applies to our entire production: equipment, ambiance, and team. In a room filled with your fashionably dressed guests our DJs should blend in, so let us know if you have any fashion preferences.